Our range of scooter accessories cover all of your needs. From storage solutions to clothing, and from ramps to windshields, we've got everything you need to make your journeys safer, smoother and more enjoyable.


Protect your scooter from all conditions with a cover or garage so you can keep it outside without worrying about the weather.

Scooter Cover


You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worse, but you can always be prepared. These items of clothing ensure that you can go anywhere you like with comfort and protection from the elements.

Kozee Mate


Canopies protect your entire scooter from the wind and rain, and they're easy to put up or pack away at a moment's notice. Even the unpredictable British weather can't stop you from going outside.

Sheerlines Scooter Canopy

Bags & Baskets

Whether you need to carry shopping, canes or oxygen tanks, our generous range of bags and baskets cater to all of your needs.

Oxygen Bottle Carrier


With the right ramp, nothing should get in your way. Our ramps will help you get through doors, up steps or into vehicles - and most of them are portable, so you can take them wherever you go.

Fibreglass Folding Threshold Ramp

Car Hoists

Car hoists make the potentially awkward job of getting your scooter into the car easy: nobody needs to worry about the heavy lifting, as car hoists do the hard work for you.

Autochair Scooter Car Hoist

Safety & Comfort

These accessories are designed to give you peace of mind by improving your safety and comfort during your journey. You can protect yourself and your controls from the weather, or add a seatbelt to keep you secure.