EasyBar Suction Grab Rail

Days EasyBar Suction Grab Rail assists patients with sit-to-stand transfers, helping increase safety, balance, and stability. The non-slip handle offers greater independence by providing stability when getting in and out of the bath or shower, or for general use around the home.

Ideal for both permanent and temporary use, the grab rail is great for traveling as it does not require any fixings.

The suction grab rail secures to non-porous surfaces including tiles, glass, fibre glass or porcelain. Equipped with two pressure switches on each end, simply release the switches to remove the handle or create a strong vacuum to latch onto surfaces. The suction grab bar benefits from safety lock indicators that display green when secure and red when the rail is not secured.

Offered in lengths measuring 350 mm (13 ¾”) or 550 mm (19 ½”). It must be noted that suction cup grab rails are not designed to take the user's full body weight, simply to provide some additional steadying during movement.