Wheelchairs are a great way of getting out and about with friends and family without the hassle of putting heavy or larger mobility equipment into your car.

There are two main types of wheelchair: transit and self-propelling. Transit wheelchairs are specifically designed to be pushed, while self-propelling wheelchairs have larger wheels at the back so that you can push yourself. Both types allow you to be pushed if necessary.


Transit wheelchairs must be pushed by an attendant. They have smaller wheels at the back, making them more manoeuvrable and easier to push.

Excel G Logic Transit


As the name suggests, self-propelled wheelchairs are designed with larger wheels at the back and lightweight frames, so that you can push yourself along. However, they can also be pushed by an attendant if necessary.

G logic self propelled


If you have trouble pushing your wheelchair over uneven ground or up slopes then a wheelchair powerpack might be an effective solution. A wheelchair powerpack is an attachable set of battery powered wheels that give your wheelchair the extra propulsion you need to get across tough terrain. These accessories are designed for attendant controlled wheelchairs, and provide additional assistance to the person attending.

Powerpack Duo HD


There are several wheelchair accessories which you can purchase to make your experience more safe, comfortable and convenient. From cold weather clothing to seatbelts and storage bags, we want to make sure that you can be as independent as you want to be.