Topro Troja Fore Arm Walker

An easy to fold forearm walker, which requires little space when stored. This elegant and practical lightweight walker provides good upper body support, and is designed and approved for use on flat surfaces indoors.

Features include:

  • The compact size ensures easier storage and enables the Troja Walker to rest steadily on four wheels. It is easy to transport and well suited to being wheeled through narrow passages.
  • Driving and parking brakes on the same lever, for easy operation. Parking brake, together with good tyre tread, ensures safe use of the seat and secure transfer between walker and chair. The driving brake provides additional safety during walking.
  • Sturdy lock wheels for easy adjustment of the handles in different directions.
  • A fixed brace bar is an optional extra. By using the strap between the armrests, the walker may still be folded up.
  • Deep underarm pads for good support which feature a washable surface.
  • Spacious machine washable basket.
  • Folds easily by pulling the strap on the seat. A compact size for easier storage and rests steadily on four wheels.
  • Unique memory function in the handlebar tubes for simple height adjustment.
  • Tilt function makes it easier to navigate small obstacles such as kerbs and thresholds.
  • Edge guard for simple manoeuvring.
  • Sturdy lock wheels for adjustment of the handles provide an increased feeling of safety.
  • The seat consists of a mesh fabric, which provides good visibility for walking and is breathable, comfortable, durable and washable. Welded edges provide added comfort.
  • Wheels made of TPE provide a good grip on smooth surfaces such as lino, parquet flooring and even tarmac.
  • A lock clamp locks the rollator securely in its folded position to make handling and transportation easier.
  • Twelve ball bearings in the wheels and forks ensure smooth navigation of corners.