Walking Aids

Our high-quality walking aids can help keep you on your feet and get you from A to B. From three and four wheel-walkers, to walking frames, we supply a vast range to suit a variety of different needs.

Three-wheel Walkers

Three-wheel walkers and rollators are lighter, smaller and easier to manoeuvre than four-wheel walkers. These features make them a popular option, ideal for getting around in crowded or narrow spaces where you need a tight turning circle.

Drive Flame Aluminium Triwalker

Four-wheel Walkers

Four-wheel walkers and rollators are sturdier and more versatile than three-wheel walkers. They often boast more features as well, including helpful seats, bags and baskets, so that you can rest and keep your personal items close to hand.

Topro Troja 2 G Premium Rollator

Walking Frames

Walking frames help you to move around your home safely and independently. These height adjustable frames are available with or without wheels, depending on your requirements.

Walking frame without wheels

Other products

Additional products we supply:

  • Crutches
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Walking stick seats and table clips
  • Walking frame accessories, such as walking frame caddy
  • Rollator/walker accessories

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