Topro Troja 5G

TOPRO Troja 5G a modern, slender design combined with a high level of quality, safety, comfort and durability. It has an on-trend matt colour coating and offers a wide range of colour options and accessories to help them find their favourite TOPRO rollator and keep on moving.

Colours: Silver, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Sand, Purple, Turquoise

Product Specifications:

Medium Small
Recommended user height 150–200 cm 135–170 cm
Maximum weight of user 150 kg 125 kg
Capacity shopping bag 10 kg / 15 l 10 kg / 15 l
Handle height 780–1000 mm 710–860 mm
Handles Ergonomic – several holding positions (TOPRO Ergo Grip)
Grip distance driving brake 70 mm 70 mm
Width between center points of handles 470 mm 470 mm
Seating width 455 mm 455 mm
Seat height 635 mm 540 mm
Diameter turning circle 840 mm 840 mm
Maximum height 1035 mm 895 mm
Maximum width 600 mm 600 mm
Maximum length 650 mm 650 mm