If you are reliant on others to get out and about, or struggling to move freely around your own home, we have the answer. A powerchair, or electric wheelchair, guarantees comfort whether you’re at home or on the go, putting you back in control of your day-to-day life.

Transportable Powerchairs

Simple to assemble and dismantle, compact powerchairs are easy to store in the boot of a car to take with you wherever you go. Rear-wheel drive gives the user the control they need to manoeuvre around small spaces, perfect for getting around in narrow or busy areas.

Transportable rascal rio

Mid-range Powerchairs

Our mid-range powerchairs are some of the most flexible in our range, with bespoke adaptations allowing you to choose the driving position that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Rascal P200

Mid-wheel Powerchairs

With their wheels and power in the middle of the wheelbase, mid-wheel powerchairs are both well-balanced and also have a very tight turning circle. This makes them ideal for navigating smaller spaces while maintaining a strong centre of gravity.


Rascal Rehab Powerchairs

A selection of specialist powerchairs supplied by Electric Mobility!

N 270 1492


We sell a number of accessories and add-ons to make it even easier for you to get out and about on your powerchair. Whether you need extra storage, space to store an oxygen canister, or simply a way to stay warm during the colder months, these products can give you what you need.

Attendant control kit